Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beauty Review: Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo.

This exciting new product is described by Zerreau as a mix of dry and wet shampoo. The purpose of the product is to clean your hair on those in-between days or when you simply do not have the time to wash it properly. It is suitable for all hair types.

The first thing I liked about the towel off shampoo was the packaging. Its sleek black design and contrasting green logos were attractive and would look very trendy in any bathroom.

My bottle of Zerreau Towel-Off Shampoo

The product itself is a great smelling foam. I reviewed the apple scent, which smelt delicious! You lather the foam into your hair, either all of your hair or just the roots, whatever is needed. Once you've thoroughly applied the shampoo, you simply towel dry your hair.

So, did it work? Yes it did, but I didn't see results immediately. However, I think this was because my hair still appeared 'wet' from applying the product. Perhaps I used a bit too much and didn't towel dry it enough afterwards, also I do have very thick hair. I usually wash my hair daily or every other day, because it can look greasy at the roots. I used Towel-Off on an 'in-between' day, where it was just beginning to look a bit greasy at the roots. I applied a liberal amount of product, but I felt that I needed to dry my hair after use. (I didn't though). That being said, I was not displeased with the results. Once my hair had completely dried it looked freshly washed. I also received a compliment on how nice my hair smelt at 3pm later that day.

My daughter (aged 10) also loves this product. She washes her hair every other day and uses this every other day. She is at that age where hormones are kicking in and her hair can look ok in the morning and greasy by the time she's home from school. So it is great for a quick freshen up for the kids. Especially if you're running late and don't have time to chuck them in the shower.

Before using Towel-Off, I used another brand of dry shampoo regularly which I was satisfied with. However, I do prefer the Towel-Off because there is no powdery-type residue left over after use. You don't end up looking like you've just patted a load of talcum powder on top of your head. Personally, my hair actually felt 'clean' after using it, where as with the spray dry shampoos, it doesn't. The lasting smell of this product and the overall feeling of clean hair makes Towel-Off better than ordinary dry shampoos.

The only negative thing that I can think to say about it, is that it is slightly more time consuming than a dry shampoo. Other than that, I think it's great. I would recommend it, particularly for festivals, children and it would be ideal to pop in your bag to use if you're going out straight from work or university.

You can find out more about Towel-Off by clicking here.

Here is the fun promotional video explaining more about Towel-Off. No that is not me in the clip!!!

Also the kind folks at Zerreau are offering a 20% discount on all items purchased this summer. Just enter the discount code SUMMER20.

Strawberry scented.

Let me know if you've used the product and what you think. I shall be purchasing the strawberry scented one next time!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes. No payment was received by me to review this product. All opinions are my own and my honest opinions of the product.