Sunday, 12 April 2015

Children's Book Review: Dinosaur Poo by Diane and Christyan Fox

Fox, C &D. (Published 04 Sept 2014, Quarto). 32 pages.

We talk about poo a lot in this house. Poo and dinosaurs. 
This was one of the books that I gave to Little L for his third birthday last week. My reasoning behind it was because he is a fan of dinosaurs and not so much of poo. Well, having a poo at least. I wanted to show him that everything poos! Even dinosaurs did it. 

This book is a complete winner! Little L loves it. Really loves it. We read it every night before bed, often more than once.
The story features dinosaur friends who are on 'a big poo quest', searching high and low for the biggest and best poo! With cute and comical illustrations and flaps to lift this book keeps little ones engaged for the whole story. This rhyming tale is great fun and the sassy pterodactyl is definitely our favourite character, just wait for the surprise at the end. 
Ok, so this book doesn't necessarily have a 'moral message' like many children's books tend to have. However childhood constipation is a real problem, with up to one in three children in the UK suffering from it at any one time. It is particularly problematic around potty-training age. Frequently, it is a psychological problem. A child having a painful bowel movement, can make the negative association with having a poo, so anything at all that shows having a poo in a positive light is a plus with us!
Dinosaur Poo is a  great hit here, and definitely makes a great story for toddlers and younger children who burst into a fit of giggles at the very mention of poo!

For more information on childhood constipation visit or the NHS Choices website.

Whilst writing this, I have noticed that this book varies greatly in price from different retailers. I bought my copy from one of my favourite retailers: The Book People.

Feel free to leave me any comments and let me know your child's favourite reads.