Friday 1 January 2016

New Year Book Review: The Book of You. Various Contributors

Various contributors. (No copyright page or named editor in my edition) (Pub date: 31st December 2015, Penguin) Approx 400 pages.

The Book of You

I write this post during the last hour of 2015, with the intention of writing more reviews in 2016. Although, the irony of my repetition in saying so again is not lost on me! 

Yet this review is very fitting for this time year. The Book of You is made up of 365 daily micro-actions, aimed at getting its readers happier and healthier. There can't be a better New Year's Resolution than focussing on one's own healthy, happy, body, mind and soul, can there? 

OK, so perhaps it is a little cliched, but rather than committing yourself to an alcohol-free, twelve month gym membership, whilst employing the costly services of a spiritual guru and disposing of all your material possessions, this book may just be the answer to the old "new year, new me" cliche. 

To quote the book, "A micro-action is small, simple and achievable in a normal day. For anyone. 'Meditate for twenty minutes' isn't a micro-action but 'sit quietly for two minutes' is. 'Run a marathon' isn't a micro-action, but 'take the stairs' is. Simple, but they make all the difference". (p. 7).

So for each day of the year, there is a micro-action, which will be positive or beneficial, and each micro-action will fall into one of four categories; mind, food, move or love. Each category is helpfully colour-coded and written by an expert in that category. Contributors include, Jamie Oliver, Caroline Arnold, Dr Tara Swart, Darya Rose, Dani Stevens and Jamie Sawyer. The book includes beautiful inspiring photography, helpful suggestions and space to write what you hope to achieve. 

It is very much promoting small, manageable changes in order to live a healthier lifestyle. The book advises you to start with the micro-actions chronologically for the first few days, then it's up to you if you continue chronologically throughout the book or mix and match to suit you.

Here are some of the micro-actions featured inside:

So there you have it. A great little book, that enables you to be realistic in your goals for 2016, whilst still bringing the positivity we all crave around this time of year. I certainly plan to use it, and I hope to keep you updated on my results. Although you may need to give me a nudge from time to time.

And as I sit listening to fireworks, singing neighbours and car alarms, and watch the New Year's chaotic count down to 2016, all that is left for me to say is that I wish you all a wonderfully positive 2016.


This book will be published in the UK on 31 December 2015 by Penguin. Mumsnet provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No payment has been exchanged and all opinions are my own. 

Sunday 12 April 2015

Children's Book Review: Dinosaur Poo by Diane and Christyan Fox

Fox, C &D. (Published 04 Sept 2014, Quarto). 32 pages.

We talk about poo a lot in this house. Poo and dinosaurs. 
This was one of the books that I gave to Little L for his third birthday last week. My reasoning behind it was because he is a fan of dinosaurs and not so much of poo. Well, having a poo at least. I wanted to show him that everything poos! Even dinosaurs did it. 

This book is a complete winner! Little L loves it. Really loves it. We read it every night before bed, often more than once.
The story features dinosaur friends who are on 'a big poo quest', searching high and low for the biggest and best poo! With cute and comical illustrations and flaps to lift this book keeps little ones engaged for the whole story. This rhyming tale is great fun and the sassy pterodactyl is definitely our favourite character, just wait for the surprise at the end. 
Ok, so this book doesn't necessarily have a 'moral message' like many children's books tend to have. However childhood constipation is a real problem, with up to one in three children in the UK suffering from it at any one time. It is particularly problematic around potty-training age. Frequently, it is a psychological problem. A child having a painful bowel movement, can make the negative association with having a poo, so anything at all that shows having a poo in a positive light is a plus with us!
Dinosaur Poo is a  great hit here, and definitely makes a great story for toddlers and younger children who burst into a fit of giggles at the very mention of poo!

For more information on childhood constipation visit or the NHS Choices website.

Whilst writing this, I have noticed that this book varies greatly in price from different retailers. I bought my copy from one of my favourite retailers: The Book People.

Feel free to leave me any comments and let me know your child's favourite reads.

Silent Sunday: The Best Boy Ever.

Little L: The Best Boy Ever. 

Sunday 29 March 2015

Children's Book Review: Legs by Sarah J. Dodd, illustrated by Giusi Capizzi

Dodd, S.J. (Pub. 21 Aug 2015) 17 pages.

This is a beautifully illustrated tale of a young meerkat named Miki who inadvertently goes on an adventure in the big wide world outside of his zoo.

From Miki's point of view, it seems like the world is full of legs! Some legs frighten him so much that he finds himself outside of the zoo, only to be faced with even more legs. 
Thankfully, the friendly zookeeper rescues Miki, and shows him that the world is also full of faces, and eventually he finds his way back to his favourite face of all; Mama's!

My son (aged nearly 3) loves this story and we've read it again and again. He calls it his 'morning story' as we read it each morning. It certainly makes you appreciate how daunting the world can be for little ones.

This book will be published in the UK on 21 August 2015 by Lion Children's books. NetGalley provided with a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No payment has been exchanged and all opinions are my own.