Thursday, 12 June 2014

Introducing... Pet's Corner!

Whilst considering topics to write for my blog, I looked to the questions I get asked the most. Before I left employment, I was a Registered Veterinary Nurse. I  began my career in Veterinary Nursing in 1996 and qualified in 2000. I have worked for several private veterinary practices, and most recently for a large charity animal hospital. I have also worked as a lecturer of Animal Care and Management to adult students. Therefore, without doubt, the advice that my friends and family seek from me most frequently, is regarding their pets or their potential pets.
Registered Veterinary Nurse Badge

The number of unwanted/stray animals in the UK, (particularly cats and dogs) has reached crisis point, and the main cause of this I believe, is irresponsible pet ownership, along with lack of education regarding the ownership of domestic animals. That's why it is important to promote responsible pet ownership to children from a young age.

Whether they have their own pets or not, kids need to learn to respect animals, so that they continue to be respectful of them throughout their adult life. We need to teach them that animals are not just a disposable commodity, they are a living being, with continual needs that have to be met by their owners.

Owning a pet, be it a fairground goldfish or a Great Dane requires time, effort, responsibility and money. Being the owner of a pet does not come cheap, and as adults, we must ensure we can commit the required amount of time, effort and money to care for an animal for the rest of its life, before making it a part of the family. It is not only morally right to do this, it is the law. Failure to meet the needs of your pet is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

So how do we get it right? How do we resist our children, begging us for their latest furry friend with the huge sad eyes? Can you make pet ownership work for your family? Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing some posts about popular children's pets and answering common questions about owning them. I will include a guide to their requirements which may help you to decide if a particular pet is for you. As a parent, I'm not immune to the pressure that your children can put on you to own a pet. As an animal lover, I am definitely not immune to the charms of a four-legged furry, but hopefully I can help you to make a decision as to which pet is most suited to your family and lifestyle.
One of my four cats: Simba

I am also happy to answer any questions you have regarding general animal care, just drop me a line in the comments below. If you need medical advice for an animal, you must seek the opinion of your veterinary surgeon. For legal reasons, I am unable to give medical advice online.

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