Friday, 27 June 2014

Slimming World, Instagram and my Buddy!

So, I've managed to get to day 3 and I haven't cheated once. I am determined to stay focused, and I'm keeping myself motivated by following other Slimming World member's successes.

Instagram, is a great place for Slimming World meal ideas and support from the #slimmingworldmafia (which is how they tag themselves). I try to post a photo of at least one meal a day. It gives me a visual reminder of how I'm getting on and it's great to see the 'likes' from slimmers. But it's the 'before and after' photos from other Slimming World members that I find so inspirational. I long to get to the stage where I can post my own 'before and after'. So every time I feel the need to get a treat from our 'goody cupboard', I grab my phone and nose at strangers photo's! I reminds me of why I'm doing what I'm doing. Here are some of my own photo's from Instagram this week:

Breakfast: Bacon, egg and chopped tomatoes

Lunch: Tuna, feta pasta and salad

Dinner: BBQ chicken, roasted peppers and onions, SW chips and salad

Snack Time: Green tea, Muller Light yoghurt.
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The other thing that is helping me greatly is a Slimming World buddy. My buddy happens to be a friend from college, although I know other people use a buddy that they've only 'met' and spoken to online.
I'm finding my buddy to be a great source of support. We're both mums, both mature students, we're the same age and the same weight. We also have a very similar backgrounds and gained weight due to the same reasons. We text each other several times throughout the day to discuss our meals, snacks and cravings. We motivate each other and talk about how well our day is going. If we feel like fall off the wagon, we drag the other back on! My other close friends are really supportive, but it is not the same as having someone to talk to who knows exactly what you're going through and how you're feeling. Not only that, but I think the friendship with my buddy and I is growing and growing and we'll remain close friends, even after reaching our targets.

Ok so it is only day 3, and I have a long way to go, but something feels different this time. Perhaps Instagram and my buddy are the difference? Either way, I'm going to stay on track and continue to share my journey with you, which sort of makes me feel like I have a responsibility to stick to it. As with all things in life, there will be ups and downs, but I'll document them honestly as honestly as I can.

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As always I'd love to hear your opinions or advice. Feel free to post below.