Tuesday, 10 June 2014

This week I'm loving...

So, I have decided to write a weekly account of products, experiences,technologies or just about anything that I have been enjoying over the past week. Just little things to remind me, that there is always something to smile about. Here goes... 


Audible (part of Amazon), I believe, is fabulous! For those who've not heard about Audible, it is a service that offers download-able audio books. There are over 100,000 books available for immediate download. (This is very dangerous for those suffering from bibliophilia, such as myself!) Once you've downloaded your book, you can then listen to it on your laptop, smart phone, tablet or mp3 player. I signed up and received one free book. You can then choose to become a member or download future books as a one off purchase. I've not looked fully into the different membership options, but I'll definitely become a member. I get through so many books, and this is a great way of 'reading' one relatively quickly. My 4 hour ironing session yesterday, passed in the blink of an eye thanks to my audio book. I think you can exchange any books you do not like, which is great. 
Of course, nothing is as good as the real tangible thing in my opinion. So yes, I love my Kindle and yes I love this service, but nothing will replace actual books for me, which is a shame because I am running out of space to put them all!
For more information take a look at Audible now.

Muller Light Yoghurt.

I am a 'currently off the wagon' Slimming World member. Yet whilst I've been avoiding group and the salad bar, I have been keeping an eye on the latest weight loss friendly treats. It seems everyone has been talking about the Skinny Cappuccino flavour Muller Light yoghurt. How nice can a coffee flavoured yoghurt be? I pondered. 

I ponder no longer. They are just as good as everyone has been raving, and then some! I can see an obsession coming on!


Put simply, Tinder is a dating app. Having been single for quite some time now, many friends have urged me to start my search for a new 'special friend'. Whilst to be quite honest, when it comes to meeting someone new, I am not too concerned because I am really happy with my life at the moment. I'm of the opinion, 'if it happens, it happens'. However, I thought there'd be no harm in seeing what all the fuss was about. After all, several of my single friends had used it, with varying degrees of success.
It matches couples based on physical attraction, taking photo's and information (which you can edit) from your Facebook account. So you only get to 'converse' with someone whom you have 'liked' and they've 'liked' you back. Extremely superficial, but easy to use and fun, and who knows what could happen. Try it out here.

And there you have it. Three little things that have brought a smile to my face this week. I'd love to hear about your loves or great finds of the week. Let me know in the comments below.

Also, just to note that these are my opinions only, that have not been influenced by any payment or products.