Monday 4 August 2014

My Three Things. Week 1.

I came across this brilliant linky from Claire at Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist. The idea of My Three Things is, each week, list three things that have not gone so well, three things to focus on for the forthcoming week, and three things that you've done well. I think it's a great idea to gain some perspective and focus on day to day life. It's about recognising that whilst things may not always go to plan, there are always positive things to concentrate on. So here we go...

3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week.
  • Healthy eating. I am trying my best to stick to Slimming World, but completely lost sight of my goals this week. The main meals I eat aren't so bad. It's the snacking on naughty treats that has been problematic.
  • Finding things to do. Ok so this one isn't entirely my fault, I have been without a car and completely skint for the past few weeks, but I have been lacking motivation to get out and go places with the kids.The summer holidays are proving expensive, but there are always local parks, museums and galleries. I need to stop making excuses!
  • Reading. As you know I start university in September, and as I will be studying English, Literature and Creative Writing, I have a reading list as long as my arm. Trashy TV needs to take a back seat.

3 Things I Want To Focus On Next Week.
  • Healthy eating, I need to get back in the zone, concentrate on my goal and stick to it. I will keep away from custard creams!
  • Get out of the house more. I plan to keep busy this week and exhaust the kids!
  • Turn off the TV and read more. This is a no brainer, as I much prefer reading anyway.

3 Things I've Done Well This Week.
  • Caught up with an old friend and organised more time to spend together. It's something we've both been meaning to do for ages, and we've finally done it.
  • Walking. The bonus of not having my car last week was that I walked everywhere. I used an app on my iPhone to track the number of steps/miles/calories burnt and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I exceeded my goal and covered a fair few miles.
  • I have not overspent this week. This was not really through choice because I have had to pay out for my car. However it has proved to me just how much I do overspend in the supermarkets each week, and that a lot of it is probably unnecessary. I can see now that I can cut back a bit and that we won't all starve. 
So, over to you, make sure you keep me posted on your #3things, and be sure to visit the other blogs in this linky.

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