Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Three Things. Week 4.

My Three Things is a link-up which fellow parent blogger Claire began. The idea is that it works as a positive motivator to evaluate your week. Each week I list #3things that have not gone so well, #3things I would like to improve upon in the forthcoming week, and #3things that I have done well this week. The order is important as it is good to end on a positive note. So without further ado...

3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week.

  • Preparing for back to school just did not happen! I have no excuse. There was just no motivation. I walked into Clarkes, immediately got angry that my buggy wouldn't even reach the children's shoe section because of the vast amount of fellow stressed out parents, and turned around and walked straight back out again! Yes, I know, it's likely to be even worse this week.
  • We didn't get to the Think Tank museum as planned, hopefully, when I write next week's #3things, we'll have finally been there!
  • I lost my rag at my Biggest L whilst in a queue at Drayton Manor and immediately felt guilty. She was noticeably huffing and puffing and queue jumpers...I have no idea where she got that from. So yes, I was to blame for the whole sorry incident. It was forgotten within 5 minutes though as the queue was short and the ride was fun! 

3 Things To Focus On Next Week.
  • I'll try again... getting organised for back to school and uni. There's nothing like the last minute to motivate me into action...
  • Still not sorted out everything that I need to sell on eBay. It's so much easier to chuck it into the cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter style and forget about it. My purse, however, does not agree.
  • The big one! It's time for POTTY TRAINING my smallest L! The though of it fills me with dread. If you have any tips or blog posts, then please feel free to share them with me. And wish me luck!

3 Things I've Done Well This Week.
  • I've switched of the trash television shows (almost all of them!) and began my reading for university. Well I say began. I began in June but took rather a long break!
  • Healthy Eating. I have finally got back in the zone. My Slimming World head is firmly screwed on. Eyes on the prize an' all that!
  • Had a more or less lovely and successful day out at Drayton Manor with both of my Ls. The main thing is, we came away happy and exhausted, and my Little L cannot stop talking about Thomas Land. Here's a photo of my little monkey's riding Percy at Thomas Land...
Having a ride on Percy at Thomas Land.