Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Three Things. Week 2.

This is my second week of My Three Things. The original linky came from fellow blogger, Claire over at Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist.
So here goes; The Good, The Bad and The Optimistic... But not necessarily in that order.

3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week.

  • My alcohol consumption! I drank far, far, too much on Friday night. I'm still suffering today!
  • I spent too much money on unnecessary things, this includes the alcohol from Friday night! Along with 'treats' that we as a family really didn't need, considering how little spare cash I have at the moment.
  • Gardening. Not so much that I didn't do it well, more I didn't do any. At all. I planned to. I failed!

3 Things To Focus On Next Week.
  • Spending some time with my Biggest L. It is her birthday today, she wants to go shopping to spend her birthday cash WITHOUT Little L! Looking forward to girlie time.
  • Gardening... Weather permitting of course. Got to get on top of it!
  • Clear out! I need to have a good sort out of clothes, toys and books and get stuff on eBay. I need the cash and I need the space!

3 Things I've Done Well This Week.
  • I have now officially been accepted into university. OK, so technically I didn't achieve this, this week, but I did receive my official confirmation from UCAS. So I'm proud of that!
  • Family time! Had a lovely week spending time with the kids and other family members. On Thursday we had a little get together with my Mum, aunts and family friends. I really enjoyed this. And today, is my Biggest L's 11th birthday. We all went out for a family meal, and just had a lovely day in general.
  • I read more! As planned last week. (See Week 1's post).
Let me know your your plans for the week ahead, and be sure to comment if you're linking up.