Saturday, 2 August 2014

Product Review: Karri

Karri is a neat little pouch, with a security corner, designed to adhere to the back of your phone and store items such as credit/debit cards, cash, tickets etc. It's described as 'your phone's back pocket'.

Karri: The 'loud' range.

This 'micro wallet', measures 91mm x 57mm, it fits onto most mobile phones or indeed any flat surface securely. It's ideally suited to the iPhone or iPod. The Karri itself is made from stretchy spandex fabric so you can carry a number of cards, cash or tickets, or whatever you can fit in there! It is also available in a variety of colours from nude to loud!

Karri: Nude/Navy

I used my Karri on the back of my iPhone to carry my debit card and cash whilst out with my toddler on a walk to the park. My purse is quite bulky and I didn't want to take my bag, but I did want to take cash and my card, just in case. The Karri was ideal, I only had to take along my phone and I could leave the bag behind. We played in the park where I climbed, swung and slid, and everything was secure inside the Karri. However, for me personally, the best use for the Karri, is on nights out. I don't like taking my whole purse with all my cards, just in case they get lost, likewise with a bag. There's every chance that I'll get too tiddly and abandon my handbag, never to be seen again. The one thing I always have on me, like the majority of us, is my phone, so this was great to keep my debit card and notes in. I even took my front door key off the keyring and put that in too! It meant I could enjoy a night out, without worrying about keeping an eye on my bag, or getting annoyed with my bag when dancing, or just getting too drunk to look after it properly!
Another great use for the Karri would be for when you are jogging or exercising. Most people carry a phone or MP3 player when exercising, but with the Karri, you could also carry your necessities. 

Karri: Loud/Cool
This is such a simple innovative idea, yet it is so useful. I love it! They retail at just £6.95, and you can find out more by visiting the Karri website.

Disclaimer: I was provided this product free of charge by Karri, for review purposes. No payments were exchanged and all opinions are my own.